Our Mission

Florida Death with Dignity, a 501(c)(3) non-profit grass roots movement, is dedicated to educate, promote, and raise awareness in individuals, organizations, and communities resulting in support for a medical aid in dying law in Florida.

BREAKING NEWS:  3/07/2023 In the Florida Senate, the “Death with Dignity Act” bill SB864, has been assigned to the Health Policy, Judiciary, and Fiscal Policy committees.  In the Florida House of Representatives, the “Florida End-of-Life Options Act” HB1231 has been assigned to the Healthcare Regulation subcommittee, Judiciary Committee and the Health & Human Services Committee.  Both these bills support a Medical Aid In Dying law.  A summary of the content can be found in the post “Florida End-of-Life Options” located in the NEWS section of our website.

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About Us

The Florida Death with Dignity organization is a grassroots movement determined to raise awareness and fight for expanding end-of-life options in the state of Florida.


Only one in five Americans lives in a jurisdiction with access to medical aid in dying. The movement gathers strength every time someone shares their story.

How You Can Help

Supporting Florida Death with Dignity is an opportunity for you to make a difference reducing suffering for Floridians with a terminal illness. Volunteer or donate today!

A long-time advocate for medical aid in dying, Roger Kligler is a retired physician in Falmouth, MA, living with prostate cancer.  Hear his request for Massachusetts to pass a medical aid in dying law.

Erik Carlson was staring down a terminal illness with an awful end. He wasn’t sure he would choose this option but he wanted the choice. Eventually, he seized it.  His family is loving and supportive.  Please watch and share.

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Death with Dignity National Center presents:

 “Voices of a Movement” chronicles the history of the death with dignity movement from the perspective of individuals who have played a leading role in passing and protecting death with dignity laws across the U.S.


Volunteer Opportunities

Public Education at Events & Fairs

Advocacy: Interfacing with Legislators

Office support: Data entry, research

Communication: Newsletters, Social Media

Volunteers: Managing, Coordinating, Training

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 on our mission?


It is time for the Sunshine State to join other jurisdictions having a death with dignity law, to make it possible for Floridians with a terminal illness to access the same autonomy and individual freedom while dying as they enjoyed while living.


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Supporting Florida Death with Dignity is an opportunity for you to make a difference reducing suffering for Floridians with a terminal illness.  Sponsor an Event. Sponsor a Program.  Support a Project.  Contribute with a gift in kind.  Become a Business Sponsor and receive recognition via social media, newsletter and our website.  Email us at sponsor.fldwd@gmail.com to discuss how we can work together.