Personal Stories


All of these people have had to face a terminal illness themselves or with a loved one. Some were able to have the death that they wished because of the state they lived in. Others, like those in Florida, did not have the option of peaceful death on their own terms.

One in five Americans lives in a jurisdiction with access to medical aid in dying. Four in five do not. The medical aid in dying movement gathers strength every time someone shares their story. If you have a story to share, please contact us and we will help you share it.

Picture of Marcia Williams Helliwell and her daughters

My mom, Marcia Helliwell, was a very strong woman. She was married twice, raised 6 kids. Life was not easy. During parts of that period she was a ...

Conny Piccone smiling

Constance Marie Piccone was born in 1924 to an Irish mother and Italian father and was raised as a devout Catholic in Philadelphia, PA. Her parents said ...

Photo of Laura smiling

My sister Laura has been a Fayetteville, North Carolina resident and clinician for 30 years and has been a successful business owner for 17 years. She is a ...

Photo of Harry as a young soldier in uniform

It started with a cough, Harry was prone to colds and this one was tenacious in its hold on him. Four months later, and twenty pounds lighter,...

Ben Morris photo

This is a report on my illness and what it is doing to me. Reader discretion is advised and children under 50 should be sent to bed early. The report is rated “XXX”.

Compassiaon sunset with hands heart sign

I grew up knowing I with rich. abundant, not monetarily wealthy, rather with two loving parents, an older sister and brother.   As the free spirit of the family I was groomed, at a young age, to be the family caretaker.  Later to learn that was not only a privilege but a burden as well.