Roberta – A Daughter’s Story

My Beautiful mother, Rosemary's story – told by her daughter, Roberta

Hi, I'm Roberta. I'm a resident of Martin County, Florida, and am an advocate, a strong advocate for medical aid in dying. And there are two reasons primarily for this. The first is as an American, as a patriot, I love our freedoms in this country.  I admire those who fight and have fought and continue to fight for our freedoms. I'm grateful and aware of the value of the freedom of self-determination, of bodily autonomy. Only the person who's in the process of dying and suffering needlessly can say when enough is enough.

Picture of Roberta with a framed picture of her mom, Rosemary

The second reason is much more personal that I'd like to share with you… My mother.  My beautiful mother, Rosemary, who sits in this photo here behind me received a terminal diagnosis of ovarian cancer.  Please click the link below to hear her story.  I am sure you will understand why medical aid in dying as an additional end of life option is necessary as a choice for those who are dying.  And thank you for listening…I hope you will support a law for medical aid in dying in Florida.