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EMAIL SUBJECT LINE: Support for Medical Aid in Dying legislation

BODY: To the Office of [Insert Rep/Sen here],

This is [Your Name Here] from [your county]. I am contacting you today to discuss a deeply important topic for so many Floridians and the nationwide movement associated with it - Medical Aid in Dying.

Medical Aid in Dying (MAID) is a legal concept in which competent adults who are diagnosed with a terminal illness and have six months to live can request from their physician a medication to hasten their death, thus avoiding much of the pain and hardship associated with the final throes of death. Patients in states where this process is legal frequently report feelings of comfort and security associated with simply having the option available. I have heard countless stories of loved ones enduring the painful process of terminal illness and eventual loss of autonomy. I hope by increasing end-of-life options including MAID we can allow every terminally ill Floridian the right to die in a dignified manner of their choosing.

When a bill comes up in the legislature, I humbly request that you support it.