Write a Letter to the Editor

Most papers encourage reader input in the form of a letter to the editor. Writing in support of a medical aid in dying option is important because it provides an opportunity to reach a large and potentially diverse audience. Letters to the editor increase awareness of important issues and help to bring people together.

Legislators and other policymakers track letters to the editor to keep their finger on the pulse of public sentiment and issues of importance to their constituency. The editors of a newspaper may be more inclined to provide journalistic coverage on a public issue if it seems there is a lot of attention being paid to it.

Here is a link to the newspapers in Florida cities where you can send your letter.


Letter written in Florida about Death with Dignity by Tony Ray. Scroll down through the article to find his letter to the editor.

Letter: Florida transgender ban a cruel exercise - Orlando Sentinel

Here is another example - a letter written in Maine


Here is a link on specific steps to take to write a letter to the editor of a paper


A summary from different sources:

  1. Write in the first person
  2. Follow the paper’s guidelines
  3. Share your story about why you support medical aid in dying
  4. Keep the word count to 250, with approx. 3 paragraphs
  5. Close with “we support medical aid in dying as an additional end of life option. Visit www.floridadeathwithdignity.org for more information."